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Is this what learning should look like?

Villemard's 1910 prediction of schools in the year 2000. Yeah, mash those books up!

In the year 2000, every classroom will have a giant blender. It’s a smoothie machine for learning, if you will. But the ingredients aren’t fruits, they’re books! Throw some books in this magical blending machine, and the knowledge is fit to be pumped out, travel through pipes, and enter the minds of school children.

This picture comes from a collection of illustrations from a French artist named Villemard, showing the year 2000 as he envisioned it in 1910.

I’m sure Ray Kurzweil has made a similar prediction actually, but it would look more like this:

Will we have computer chips in our brains one day? Who knows? But it sure is fun (and scary) to think about. I think that some talented artist should make an update to Villemard’s collection, with images predicting what the year 2100 will look like. Too bad I’m not a talented artist.

Thanks to @strombo for the link.

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  1. Hi, Devin. I’ve just stumbled across a great video on Youtube which discusses what’s happening in relation to this topic. Not sure if you’ve watched it or not, but here’s the link It’s titled “Schools Kill Creativity – by Ken Robinson” .

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