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This site is a combination of a number of ideas about education, technology, and the future. Some of these ideas were borne out of necessity and others from some good reads.

First, the ideas.

Thomas Friedman says in the World Is Flat that never before in human history has imagination been more important, as we now have the power to easily create content and globalize it. We can’t create content without ideas, and ideas come from imagination. Spreading ideas and stimulating positive imaginations is one of the reasons I chose to go into education.

Second, the necessity.

I recently graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Education Program in Vancouver. As part of our practicum and classroom experience, we were required to keep a blog called our ePortofolio, or eFolio, which documented some highlights from our year. The Education section on this site started as a collection of some pieces from my eFolio, but has since evolved to something more. I think it’s great that UBC is pushing this, as it’s becoming an increasingly important skill in today’s digital world to be able to blog to keep a class website or share teacher resources, for example. It seems as though educators are discovering the power of connecting through social media, as I see the volume and quality of ideas increasing on Twitter, blogs, and now Google+.

Third, the good reads.

I tend to read a lot, and I think that a lot of my ideas tend to come from the books and articles I’ve read over the years. Some have been forgettable, while others have stuck with me. I’m including a collection of books and articles I’ve read in the past or will be reading this year. I find that I like jotting down some ideas or thoughts after reading certain types of books, and it helps a lot with long-term retention.

If you’ve gotten this far in reading this, I assume that means you have at least a passing interest in education, reading, or technology of some sort. I would love it if you contributed by commenting on any post as you see fit, whether you’re agreeing, disagreeing, or just posting a link.

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