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Walking around during the Word on the Street festival in the Library Square, I couldn’t help but notice the marketing campaign going on for the Sony Reader. This is Sony’s eReader, their answer to Amazon’s Kindle.Sony_PRS-300

I am really curious to see if these things will take off. I have yet to see anyone using one on the bus or in a coffee shop. While it’s true that every new technology might seem a little strange at first, I have a very hard time picturing myself reading books on a small digital screen. Then again, I’m sure people resisted the switch to paper, claiming there was nothing wrong with their stone slabs and chisels.

Anyway, why buy an eReader that is limited to books, music and video? Why not simply buy a smart phone that can not only store books, pictures, and video, but also act as a phone and camera?

Perhaps I’m missing something, but to me it seems kind of pointless to have an electronic device whose sole purpose is to store e-books.

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  1. When I was traveling back from Italy, I was sitting next to a lady who had a Kindle. I peaked over at it whenever I could and the words appeared clear and easy to read. However, like you, I prefer actual, physical books. But maybe, at the young age of 24, we’re already being considered “old school.” I’m interested to see if these devices take off like Sony and Amazon are expecting them to. If they do, books might be on their way out of society. I wonder if in 20 years time EVERYTHING will be digital? All I can say is if you put a price on something, people will buy it.

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